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WISACT Hospitality Partners specialise in f&b concept development, investment and management. We are working on launching and operating new restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. Starting a hospitality business in the most successful international brands: Hilton, Marriott, Meliá, St.Regis we’ve mastered the art of true experience. Over the past 10 years we’ve been developing restaurants and hotels, as well as establishing professional ties with leaders in hospitality sector. Crafting a new venue concept always goes with the process of finding and selecting right talents, as we believe that building an effective team is the key to winning business strategy. We guarantee a positive return on investment our shareholders by conducting a preliminary market research, report analysis and property evaluations along with defining and highlighting all possible risks.

Our portfolio of establishments contains casual & fast-food franchise and independent restaurants with Italian, Chinese and American cuisines. 

WISACT Entertainment has everything a nightclub might need to have a great party on weekends: artists, djs, singers, dance shows.

WISACT Real Estate is your trusted commercial property operator. We will provide you with all required support either to find a great location for your restaurant or help you to sell or lease your project.

“Without sustainable growth, businesses will be over come by competitors and market forces. Good business development is a key to a successful and thriving business.”

360 – Degree concept development & project management services

We Create. We Improve. We Manage!



Local market study. Property search Assistance/Evaluation. Lease or buy negotiation
Business Planning

Business Planning

Concept development. Interior Design & Brand Identity


Accurate monitoring, check the quality, accuracy, and progress of a construction project


The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate
Restaurant Opening

Restaurant Opening

Grand opening, Event and promotion management. Sales & marketing strategy implementation.
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How We Work?

Opening a restaurant or scaling a hospitality business always require great ideas and a dedicated team of professionals. Smart decisions are important at every stage: evaluating a potential property, market and location study, crafting the best restaurant concept, cultural habits, economic situation. Those information help to minimize any possible risks and can guarantee the success of a project. A right business plan and implemented an efficient operation management system will benefit a landlord when its rent is ensured and paid in a timely manner along an agreed period. Restaurateur will have a better understanding in the current business situation with an access to accounting, financial forecasting and monthly overall reports. How can we guarantee our services? We are contributing a decent amount of money in new projects, therefore we are motivated to make a profitable and guest-oriented venue!

Our value: We commit our best in everything we do, striving for professional excellence by exceeding expectations and distinguishing ourselves through superior performance.  








We are looking forward to discuss the possibilities of a potential collaboration. For more information on facility launching programs, development and operations management, please get in touch with us through contact form.

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Kyryll Ushakov

Founder & CEO


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Design & Architecture


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Director of Finance


Wisact Marketing & PR

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Marketing & PR


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